1 - What do the question marks "?" in the item name and/or description mean?

The question marks mean that the information is a mere presumption of the seller. This means that the information could not be verified at 100%. You can forward additional information and of course questions via Contact us.

2 - What does the number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) in the column "item condition" in the item description mean?

This number corresponds to a separate condition description defined by the seller. We tried to determine the exact condition as good as possible. Details can be seen in the General Terms and Conditions under point 10.

3 - Does the delivered item correspond exactly to the item shown on the article photo?

Items which are in stock several times the condition of the delivered item can deviate minimally from the shown item. In particular, the packing can deviate or can even be absent.

4 - To which countries do you ship?

Basically, all countries listed in the shipping information will be delivered. If it is not possible for you to indicate your country in the order process, please contact us.

5 - Why are the charged shipping costs when sending with "Post Luxembourg" significantly higher than indicated on the parcel stamp on the parcel?

This is because shipping rates at "Post Luxembourg" are VAT exempt in all shipping classes except XL. Since shipping is considered as an ancillary service, the shipping rates shown on the invoice must include the same VAT rate as the sold items. If the items contain e.g. 17% VAT the shipping costs also contain 17% VAT. In addition, the cost of packaging and materials and the costs for registered mail and, if applicable, additional insurance.
Should the shipping costs indicated in the shopping cart seem to you unreasonably high please contact us via contact and we will check the shipping costs.
Shipping costs and conditions can be seen here.

6 - Is it possible as an european business customer to receive an invoice without vat?

Yes, you will need to create an account and provide your tax number and the name of the company in addition to your address. Please send us a message with the request for B2B customer access. We will then check your data manually and if your vat number is valid, we will change your status from customer to B2B. Afterwards, if you are logged in, all prices will be displayed without VAT and you can continue the order.

7 - Do you also buy parts?

Yes, we also buy spare parts. If you still have NOS (New Old Stock) or used parts in your garage, barn, warehouse etc. you are welcome to contact us.