Welcome to Lëtzparts,

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

After you have driven a few hundred kilometres, queued up in front of the cash desk early in the morning, shivering with cold, paid the entrance fee and made your way through miles of long alleys with countless chaotically constructed provisional arrangements alias sales booth filled to bursting with all kinds of nostalgic junk and indefinable spare parts, finally arriving to the dealer in exactly the same place, who you think it must be the same dealer as last year from you bought the part for your beloved classic car, and he had assured you that he had more parts at home to bring back next year.
Of course, it is not the dealer from last year, or at least he can't remember, and you haven't found the urgently needed spare parts either. The only thing you bring home after a long day is a backpack full of "they'll fit" parts and sore feet.

At least I felt exactly the same.

That is why, as a friend of historical cars, I had the idea during my studies of mechanical engineering to offer spare parts in such a way that the car owner can clearly assign them to his vehicle by means of accurate description and photos. Or to put it more dramatically: instead of fading in the sun or rusting in the rain for years at oldtimer parts markets, I wanted the parts to be spared this fate and to contribute to keep the rolling cultural asset alive again as quickly as possible. And that all over the world.
Of course, it was also an aid to pay at least partially the costs of the studies, but most of all I was happy, and I am still happy about a small written thank you from the buyer after he has received the ordered items.
As a small anecdote I would like to mention that the beginning did not start in a garage as usual, but in the 15 qm student room. The boxes full of spare parts often piled up to the ceiling.

Right from the start, I examined with the help of countless spare parts catalogues and internet researches each part individually in order to be able to determine the model allocation as precisely as possible.

You can explore the results on this website:

  • Distribution by manufacturers and models
  • Detailed information
  • High resolution pictures

Thank you very much for visiting this website and maybe you will find the spare part you have been looking for since a long time. If not today maybe in the near future, because the offer is constantly extended and updated.

If you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steinheim, Luxembourg.

With best regards from the beautiful Mullerthal,
Jérôme Gangolf
Online parts market for youngtimer, classic cars and collector vehicles.

P.S. We also buy spare parts. If you still have NOS (New Old Stock) or used parts in your garage, barn, warehouse etc. you are welcome to contact us.